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Multistate Bar Exam Prep - 2024

Take Unlimited MBE Practice Tests

Increase your chances of passing the bar exam by taking as many Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) practice exams as you can! The average MBE score is at historically low levels, so getting every point is vital. Our one of a kind trusted Multistate Bar Exam supplemental prep program includes 5 Multistate Bar Exam practice tests each comprised of 200 questions with detailed answer explanations that are up to date with the latest 2024 laws and regulations. That’s 1,000 Multistate Bar Examination practice test questions!

Our MBE practice tests are up to date with the latest laws and regulations, and include the 7 subject areas that will be found on the Multistate Bar Exam: Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence, Real Property and Torts.


  • 1,000 MBE Test Questions - 5 Tests
  • Take Unlimited MBE Tests - 1 Year
  • Study Mode & Timed Exam Mode
  • Pause Exams & Continue Later
  • Answers with Detailed Explanations
  • Covering All 7 Areas of Law - 2024
  • Bar Exam Definition Flashcards
  • Master 200 Legal Issues
  • Reliable Support From an Attorney
  • Study On-The-Go On All Devices

"I Passed The Bar Exam On My First Try..."

What is the Exhaustive Learning Technique? Our unique bar exam prep program perfectly supplements any bar review program by helping you master 200 legal issues. The questions on a particular test are similar to the questions on the other tests, which is designed to enable you to master the 200 issues. ELT will help embed and reinforce the legal issues in your mind so they become second nature. Most importantly, it will help get you the extra points necessary to pass the Bar Exam and provide an edge over your peers.

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